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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Long Road.....

      Lately, I have been feeling like I am on a long road to nowhere. I have had more bad days than good and one would never know because I continue to smile through it all. I put on my favorite lip sheen, my fly outfit and fake it until I am behind closed doors. I feel my best when I am at home in my bed, underneath the covers. It seems as though I have a black cloud hovering over me right now. I try my best to continue to repeat my mantra: "And this too shall pass" but it seems as though it hasn't been working lately. As I struggle through these feelings I am having, I will continue to have FAITH that this is my TEST from HIM! Even though I know that HE will never put more on me than I can bear, I PRAY TO HIM THAT THE LOAD I AM CARRYING that is breaking my back, be slowly lifted. I am STRONG, FEARLESS and have a HEART OF GOLD so through it all I WILL SMILE. A friend of mine text me yesterday and said these words to me: "YOU ARE FAVOR! CONTINUE TO BE A BLESSING TO OTHERS, BECAUSE YOU ARE BLESSED!" When I read this, I got a little emotional I must admit, I don't know why but I did. I open my heart always and at times, I feel like it is taken for granted, but the text message made me realize that I can not stop being who I am because of what others do to me. I know that these small issues that I am having are preparing me for a bigger future with greater rewards. I may not understand fully, but what I know for sure is that "TROUBLES DON'T LAST ALWAYS"! With that being said, I will continue to put my best foot forward and strut my way down this long road that is ahead of me. I WILL conquer all of my problems without worrying about the past and preparing myself for the FUTURE!

                                                                     Happy Sunday!!!!!!
                       And don't forget to SMILE....


  1. Makes me sad to read this. You are such an amazing person. But I've been there, the beauty is once you emerge it's unlikely you will return. Learn the lessons, keep the faith and indeed this to shall pass. Hugs and kisses!

  2. Thanks Mimi! Every mistake, I keep in the memory to remember the lesson. Thanks for the love!!!

  3. I hope things are much better now. It's always darkest before dawn.

  4. Thanks, Channing for stopping by! Things are getting better! Air hugs!