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Monday, April 25, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011


From Laguna Beach to the Hills, I have WATCHED AND  LOVED LAUREN CONRAD FROM THE BEGINNING!! Her style is impeccable!!!! She has branded her way to the top!!!! She has truly turned A DREAM INTO HER OWN REALITY!!!
By the way, if you don't have her book, GET IT!!! READ IT AND NOW IT IS APART OF MY FURNITURE( right on my living room table)!!! 

Lauren Conrad, YOU ROCK!!!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Happy Anniversary to US.... NOT!!!!

      Today, I woke up with the blues... Didn't realize why until I realized on this day April 14, 2001, I was walking down the aisle to the traditional wedding song staring at the man that I thought would be my best friend until death do us part. Unfortunately,  our marriage didn't survive. I could say we grew apart but I would be lying. That is a cop out. The reality is we should have never been married. We were almost doomed from the word GO... The signs were there but this little hopeless romantic chic thought things would be different. He couldn't possibly be that bad, but boy was I wrong. We argued more and more each day. Our dreams became MY dreams. My reality was no longer HIS reality. I knew in my heart that I had given it my all and my soul could not bear being HUSBAND AND WIFE  any longer. I had to make a SMART MOVE for me and my children. I was scared. Cried a lot. Didn't really open up to anyone because I was more embarrassed than anything. I hate failing. I knew I was destined to have the 2 kids, house, dog and one big happy family. I fought for that and HARD.. But the more I looked into my sons eyes, I knew he was hurting. Heck, I was hurting. I didn't want him to think that this was supposed to be the way a family lives, THE NORM! The more I thought about it, the more I knew I had to make a change. AND I DID! The day I decided to divorce was one of the worst days of my life. Life was hard for awhile and even though I put on a smile, played the part of a go-getter, had this air about myself that I was doing FAB, I wasn't. It took me awhile to finally come to grips that I am not a failure, even though today, I felt like one. I did what I had to do for me and my children. As I reflect and think about where I started, I think I have come a looong way, BABY(that's the silly girl in me) I still have my days every now and then, when I think about what could have been, but REALITY has a way of quickly reminding me what life used to be like. At that moment, I shake that ish off and keep it moving...... I can smile now, because our fights are NO MORE!! HE DID'NT MAKE A FAB HUSBAND BUT HE IS DAMN GOOD DAD!!!        

To my EX-BETTER HALF:                                                                                   

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


      Growing up my two favorite colors have always been PINK and PURPLE, but for some reason, PURPLE has won out on being my first love and PINK has taken a back seat. I had a PURPLE bedroom,  my first home was accented in PURPLE. I would always write in PURPLE, so on and so forth, while PINK was just waiting in the wings biding its time to be #1 IN MY LIFE. Well.... PINK you have now taken over my life.. My love for PINK IS NOW STARTING TO SHOW.. My mentor programs colors are pink and brown, one of my fav lip glosses is a sheer PINK, I am redecorating my room in pink, silver and grey and my 40th birthday(yes, I am planning ahead, dont't judge me ) will be PRETTY IN PINK, I HEART PINK NAIL POLISH!!! AND EVERYTHING PINK!!! So just to show PINK how much I LOVE HER, this post is for her..... 


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just Another Lazy Sunday!!!

      Feeling a little guilty today because I had plans today and decided to lay in bed instead. I am still battling a cold and knowing that I have to return to work tomorrow, doesn't make me feel any better. After heeing-hawing whether I would I go, I made the decision to be selfish and take care of me!! If you need me, call me, text me, something....  because this is where I will be for the remaining of the day!!!

Happy Sunday, Everyone!!!!!!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Not a "Feel Good" Friday

       All week I haven't been the best. I have been down and out since Monday. The only bonus to being sick this week is that I am on Spring Break. The con is I wasn't able to do anything all week that involved going outside. I did take advantage of being able to tweet, facebook and of course BLOG(that I love)!!! I am praying tomorrow is a better day!!! I hope everyone had a better week than I had!! 

Since I couldn't get out to purchase my flowers this week, I decided the next best thing is to find me a pic that would brighten my day... The white flowers with a touch of yellow, made me smile from ear to ear! 


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Many Faces of Me!!

      I have been battling a cold all week and basically I have been confined to my bed. Yesterday, I was laying in bed and decided to play.... So, I turned on my computer and played with the photo booth! It felt so good to just sit and express my feelings through many facial expressions! Some are goofy, some silly and I may appear a little sad, in some but WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT I AM!!!

A little picture overload.... BUT I HAD FUN!!!! #PLEASEDONTJUDGEME!


Tuesday, April 5, 2011


      All of my friends know that I am absolutely OBSESSED with Tracee Ellis Ross and June Ambrose. I love their fashion sense,  their wit, charm and their LOVE OF FASHION!!!  So, in case you have been hiding underneath a rock,  take a peek..... YOU WILL SEE WHY I LOVE THEM SOOO MUCH!!!

Tracee Ellis Ross

June Ambrose

Monday, April 4, 2011

Posh Words of Wisdom Monday!

I've been on this thing called a DIET for about a month!!! 
Saw this and knew I had to share!!!! 


Sunday, April 3, 2011


      I have been in Atlanta for 4 years and I can honestly say, I have met and made some really good friendships with a group of ladies. As I reflect, over the last couple of days, I feel really blessed to know each and every one of them. They all bring out the best in me, in one way or the other. Today, I dedicate this post to them! Thank you all (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) for ALWAYS being there when I need you most!!!!

I love you all!