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Sunday, August 29, 2010

My FAVORITE time of the year: Awards Season!!

      It's that time again... AWARDS SEASON!!! I HEART AWARDS SEASON because of the HAUTE DRESSES that walk the red carpet. I love seeing the STARS wear the latest fashions by the HAUTEST DESIGNERS. I wonder what the HAUTE COLOR is going to be this season and which designer will have the HAUTEST dress walk the runway.. Will it be: Michael Kors, Alexander McQueen(R.I.P), Versace, Valentino, Oscar De Laurenta or even some newcomers: Christian Siriano or Kara Saun( both from Project Runway). The shoes and handbags are also VERY IMPORTANT KEY ITEMS. Wearing the right shoes, accessories and hangbag gives the dress a HAUTE PEPPER APPROVED STAMP!!! As I wait anxiously for the many Red Carpet shows that will appear in the next few months, I'll continue to drool and wish that one day I could be so lucky!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


      Lately,  I have found that shopping online is a lot more fun than actually going in the stores... No crowds, no standing in line and absolutely NO RUDE customer service. Well, I am going to share my latest gem that I have found that I am CRAZY ABOUT!! The website is It has pages and pages of HAUTE  ITEMS.. Such as clothes, shoes, jewelry and other find goodies. They also have vintage pieces that are TO DIE FOR...  If you like being different and not seeing yourself coming and going this is the website for you. The only downfall is the items don't last long, so if you like something, I MEAN, REALLY LIKE SOMETHING, ORDER AND DON'T WAIT! They don't have boat loads of stock on one item, SO PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE, IF YOU WANT IT, GET IT! Check out a few of my MUST HAVES:
Something about this owl, says take me home... I just might!
I am so looking forward to the cold... I can't wait to rock this with a HAUTE PAIR OF BOOTS!
A black leather motorcycle jacket and black boots will set this dress OFF!! FIRE!
Work maybe...? I likey, A LOT!!
Feeling this a lot!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Michael Kors Runway Gold Watch

      For the last two years, I have been contemplating on buying myself a new watch. No big deal, right? Just go out and buy yourself a friggin watch.. Well, NOT that easy for me. I saw a gold watch on that I wanted REALLY  BAADDD, but didn't purchase IT. There are a couple of reasons why I didn't. One, I had just sold all of my GOLD jewelry at a Jewelry party, so HOW SMART WOULD I LOOK, BUYING A GOLD FRIGGIN WATCH and second I DON'T WEAR GOLD!! My everyday jewelry is silver or white gold.  But, for some reason, I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS GOLD WATCH AND DIDN'T FOLLOW MY HEART!! So, because I was wavering, my GOLD WATCH WAS SOLD OUT!! Every now and then, I check on their website to see if my GOLD watch has returned but no luck.. Well,  recently I was thinking,  is GOLD REALLY HAUTE.. AND IT MUST BE!! EVERYONE IS BUYING IT... EVERY OTHER COMMERCIAL IS : " WE BUY GOLD" As I took a straw poll during one of my faculty meetings and surveyed my friends, everyone is still on the white gold, silver and platinum trail... AND YES, I am too, BUT THAT GOLD WATCH IS CALLING MY NAME! As I started reading fellow blogger's post, I ran across one of my FAVS who did a story on her GOLD WATCH and that was my confirmation!!! I AM BUYING MY GOLD WATCH!! I went to Macy's and tried on every gold watch I could find! My TOP 2, WERE MICHAEL KORS AND GUESS... They are both similar in look BUT... OF COURSE, THE PRICE POINT IS OFF!! NOW, MY NEW DILEMMA IS, DO I SAVE THE PENNIES AND GO FOR THE LESS EXPENSIVE OR PAY FOR THE NAME BECAUSE I BUY  A WATCH EVERY 3 OR 4 YEARS,,,, AND SAY, WHAT THE HAY... YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!! I NEED YOU READERS... WHAT DO YOU THINK?? ADVICE PLEASE!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Me and My ONE Shoulder Dresses!!!

Me in one of my many one shoulder dresses!!!
A very ME dress.. Yellow, BRIGHT and  Flirtatious!
flirty and fun.. loving the kelly green...
A Girls Night Out dress... A Haute Choice
Love this for a play, nice dinner date

I am a one shoulder DRESS  type of girl... I have at least 4 - one shoulder dresses in my closet. For some reason, one shoulder dresses me make feel FUN and FLIRTY... Anytime I have a party or date I look for a one shoulder dress to wear. My mom seems to think that I like them because they show off my many tattoos.. and YES, that may be the case but I also love how they  make feel. I am such a girly, girl so when I can wear a HAUTE ONE SHOULDER DRESS AND A HAUTE PAIR OF SHOES, I FEEL A-MAZING!!! IF, I MUST SAY SO MYSELF!! Now that the summer is coming to a close, I have a couple parties to attend in the next month , so guess what I will be wearing... A ONE SHOULDER DRESS!!


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feeling Grateful and Thankful!!!

      This morning I woke up feeling FAB!  I mean REALLY FAB!! My hair was right, my attire was on point and the shoes were HAUTE!!!!! As I was driving to work this morning, I thought about how grateful and blessed I was. I even wrote on FB, Status: Mood: Feeling Fancy! My life right now is really great! I have a great family, the bomb diggity job: THE TECHNOLOGY TEACHER! I NO longer have to grade papers(AND YOU ALL KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE THAT!), deal with the same 28 students day in and day out and I no longer have to be worried about what teacher is doing what! I can do my own thing and "EXPRESS MYSELF"! Even though life continues to throw me curve balls, I THANK GOD, for all of the wonderful things I have in my life. I try my best to never complain and always look for the positive in every situation. However, if I do feel myself getting negative, I think about the homeless lady on University Drive, holding up a sign, saying: " I will work for food" and soon realize LIFE JUST CAN'T BE THAT BAD AFTER ALL!!!

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


      For the last year, I have had an obsession with cupcakes!  I find every excuse in the book to try and order cupcakes. I think they are THE HAUTEST DESSERT GOING RIGHT NOW! They remind me of a petite designer clutch handbag that sets off the right outfit... I will stop whatever I am doing to watch any type of cupcake show on t.v.  As I type, I am watching Cupcake Wars on the Food Network. My plan is to go on a cupcake frenzy and visit every Cupcake Bakery in the Atlanta area... I am challenging myself to visit every bakery by the end of the year! Why, you ask, do I give myself the deadline by the end of the year, WELLL... BECAUSE I PLAN ON GIVING MY SON THE BEST RED VELVET CUPCAKE I CAN FIND FOR HIS 16TH BIRTHDAY!!! To all my friends that would like to join me put your cute shoes and lets take care of this challenge like real CUPCAKE DIVAS!!! Just a couple of places I would like to visit:


Monday, August 16, 2010

No Air, No Power, Puts a Pretty Girl in a BAD MOOD!!!

     I am typically NOT a Monday person. So.... I try my absolute best to put on my HAPPY FACE and walk down the hallway speaking to everyone I see. Just because I'm not a Monday person, doesn't mean I have to be a biaaatch to everyone I see. So, this particular Monday was no different until I felt the HEAT AND NOTICED NO LIGHTS WERE ON!! I FELT MY WHOLE SELF BEING GO DOWN THE DRAIN!! I immediately texted fellow co-workers in the area to see if they were feeling the same torture I was and they weren't! Now,  I had to get it together and fast.. The mantra began.... "I can do this, I can do this"...  hands sweating, feet sweating and I continued... "I can do this, I can do this"... I preceded to get my breakfast with my Mini Me while repeating to myself "I can do this"... It wasn't until I started Hall Duty that I knew something had to change and quick. My whole attitude was starting to diminish. I was standing in the middle of the hallway, pissed off that I had to stand there and sweat,  while telling kids to walk on the 3rd friggin square... I was literally hating life!!! The only people that would fully understand what I was going through are the people whose hands and feet sweat at the drop of a dime!!! It is the most miserable feeling one could ever imagine! You can never hold hands on the first date without feeling clammy. Sundays are the worst, because it never fails when the Pastor says "hold your neighbors hands and pray" and your hands are soaking wet! Or you purchase the HAUTEST SHOES EVER and you put them on your feet for Girls Night Out and your feet are dripping wet,  like you just stepped out of a pond. After 45 minutes of TORTURE,  lights blinked on, A.C. came on and the pretty girl was slowly starting to return.. UNTIL..... THE MIGRAINE DECIDED TO MAKE AN APPEARANCE!! There went my Monday... now all I had to look forward to was going to bed early... That soon went out the window when I noticed my hands and feet did not match my attire for tomorrow... THERE GOES THAT P!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Fashion Diva Goes to College... !

Khambrea and I
Today,  I am dedicating this space to Ms. Khambrea Johnkins. I met this young lady about 5 years ago and ever since I have known her she has represented class, sophistication and the epitome of what a young lady is. I am so proud to say I know her. She graduated from Carver High School with Honors and is now attending University of Florida. Her focus will be Pre-Med. My prayer for her from this point on is to learn to love the journey you are on and not the destination. That life is not a dress rehearsal and that today is the only guarantee you get. Always remember to forget the things that made you sad but never forget to remember the things that made you glad. I am so proud of YOU, Khambrea! Your Mom, family and friends are smiling from ear to ear! I can't believe I am saying this because I am a DIE-HARD UNIVERSITY OF MIAMI FAN... BUT GO GATORS!!!!! YOU GOTTA FAB YOUNG LADY ON YOUR SIDE!!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

3 P's of Me..

3 P's of Me!
Parties, Polish and Papers...
After months of saying I was going to start a blog, Ive finally decided to do it...
I absolutely love planning parties, polishing my nails and loathe grading papers, lol!! Grading papers is my JOB, so I guess I have to do that...
The 3 P's of me is really all about me having the chance to write about everything that interest me in one way or the other. When it comes to planning parties, I am the GO TO GIRL!! In my next life, I think I will be the next David Tutera or Dianne Valentine.. They are the ultimate event planners in my book! I am absolutely obsessed with nail polish! I have every color of the rainbow and more. I literally change my nails and toes every other day.. I am obsessed with having my nails shine and be the SPOTLIGHT OF ATTENTION! Now grading papers is another whole entity in itself... I have loathed grading papers since the day I started teaching... I wait until the very last minute to grade papers.... and in all honesty, after the 3rd quarter I know who is passing or failing without picking up my red pen to grade papers.. So, now that you know the 3 P's of ME, sit back and enjoy the ride... this blog should be LOADS OF FUN!!!