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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


      Lately,  I have found that shopping online is a lot more fun than actually going in the stores... No crowds, no standing in line and absolutely NO RUDE customer service. Well, I am going to share my latest gem that I have found that I am CRAZY ABOUT!! The website is It has pages and pages of HAUTE  ITEMS.. Such as clothes, shoes, jewelry and other find goodies. They also have vintage pieces that are TO DIE FOR...  If you like being different and not seeing yourself coming and going this is the website for you. The only downfall is the items don't last long, so if you like something, I MEAN, REALLY LIKE SOMETHING, ORDER AND DON'T WAIT! They don't have boat loads of stock on one item, SO PLEASE TAKE MY ADVICE, IF YOU WANT IT, GET IT! Check out a few of my MUST HAVES:
Something about this owl, says take me home... I just might!
I am so looking forward to the cold... I can't wait to rock this with a HAUTE PAIR OF BOOTS!
A black leather motorcycle jacket and black boots will set this dress OFF!! FIRE!
Work maybe...? I likey, A LOT!!
Feeling this a lot!!!

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