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Saturday, August 14, 2010

3 P's of Me..

3 P's of Me!
Parties, Polish and Papers...
After months of saying I was going to start a blog, Ive finally decided to do it...
I absolutely love planning parties, polishing my nails and loathe grading papers, lol!! Grading papers is my JOB, so I guess I have to do that...
The 3 P's of me is really all about me having the chance to write about everything that interest me in one way or the other. When it comes to planning parties, I am the GO TO GIRL!! In my next life, I think I will be the next David Tutera or Dianne Valentine.. They are the ultimate event planners in my book! I am absolutely obsessed with nail polish! I have every color of the rainbow and more. I literally change my nails and toes every other day.. I am obsessed with having my nails shine and be the SPOTLIGHT OF ATTENTION! Now grading papers is another whole entity in itself... I have loathed grading papers since the day I started teaching... I wait until the very last minute to grade papers.... and in all honesty, after the 3rd quarter I know who is passing or failing without picking up my red pen to grade papers.. So, now that you know the 3 P's of ME, sit back and enjoy the ride... this blog should be LOADS OF FUN!!!



  1. This is my very first day at this blog stuff and I am addicted.. Trying to figure all of this stuff out and feeling overwhelmed!! So far, I think I am doing an okay job at this.. more to come!!!

  2. Well, well, well. I guess you have alot of time on your hands with you new position. Your blog is amazing. I'm proud of you for stepping out to reach a goal of yours. This new experience will open a new avenue in you persona that you may have not tapped into. Freelance writing??? Perhaps... Whatever it is I'm glad you finally got it up and running. Many blessing and much success!!

  3. Well I'm anxiously awaiting your next post. As soon as you can post I will be commenting. Call me your favorite reader!