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Monday, August 16, 2010

No Air, No Power, Puts a Pretty Girl in a BAD MOOD!!!

     I am typically NOT a Monday person. So.... I try my absolute best to put on my HAPPY FACE and walk down the hallway speaking to everyone I see. Just because I'm not a Monday person, doesn't mean I have to be a biaaatch to everyone I see. So, this particular Monday was no different until I felt the HEAT AND NOTICED NO LIGHTS WERE ON!! I FELT MY WHOLE SELF BEING GO DOWN THE DRAIN!! I immediately texted fellow co-workers in the area to see if they were feeling the same torture I was and they weren't! Now,  I had to get it together and fast.. The mantra began.... "I can do this, I can do this"...  hands sweating, feet sweating and I continued... "I can do this, I can do this"... I preceded to get my breakfast with my Mini Me while repeating to myself "I can do this"... It wasn't until I started Hall Duty that I knew something had to change and quick. My whole attitude was starting to diminish. I was standing in the middle of the hallway, pissed off that I had to stand there and sweat,  while telling kids to walk on the 3rd friggin square... I was literally hating life!!! The only people that would fully understand what I was going through are the people whose hands and feet sweat at the drop of a dime!!! It is the most miserable feeling one could ever imagine! You can never hold hands on the first date without feeling clammy. Sundays are the worst, because it never fails when the Pastor says "hold your neighbors hands and pray" and your hands are soaking wet! Or you purchase the HAUTEST SHOES EVER and you put them on your feet for Girls Night Out and your feet are dripping wet,  like you just stepped out of a pond. After 45 minutes of TORTURE,  lights blinked on, A.C. came on and the pretty girl was slowly starting to return.. UNTIL..... THE MIGRAINE DECIDED TO MAKE AN APPEARANCE!! There went my Monday... now all I had to look forward to was going to bed early... That soon went out the window when I noticed my hands and feet did not match my attire for tomorrow... THERE GOES THAT P!!!

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