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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Michael Kors Runway Gold Watch

      For the last two years, I have been contemplating on buying myself a new watch. No big deal, right? Just go out and buy yourself a friggin watch.. Well, NOT that easy for me. I saw a gold watch on that I wanted REALLY  BAADDD, but didn't purchase IT. There are a couple of reasons why I didn't. One, I had just sold all of my GOLD jewelry at a Jewelry party, so HOW SMART WOULD I LOOK, BUYING A GOLD FRIGGIN WATCH and second I DON'T WEAR GOLD!! My everyday jewelry is silver or white gold.  But, for some reason, I FELL IN LOVE WITH THIS GOLD WATCH AND DIDN'T FOLLOW MY HEART!! So, because I was wavering, my GOLD WATCH WAS SOLD OUT!! Every now and then, I check on their website to see if my GOLD watch has returned but no luck.. Well,  recently I was thinking,  is GOLD REALLY HAUTE.. AND IT MUST BE!! EVERYONE IS BUYING IT... EVERY OTHER COMMERCIAL IS : " WE BUY GOLD" As I took a straw poll during one of my faculty meetings and surveyed my friends, everyone is still on the white gold, silver and platinum trail... AND YES, I am too, BUT THAT GOLD WATCH IS CALLING MY NAME! As I started reading fellow blogger's post, I ran across one of my FAVS who did a story on her GOLD WATCH and that was my confirmation!!! I AM BUYING MY GOLD WATCH!! I went to Macy's and tried on every gold watch I could find! My TOP 2, WERE MICHAEL KORS AND GUESS... They are both similar in look BUT... OF COURSE, THE PRICE POINT IS OFF!! NOW, MY NEW DILEMMA IS, DO I SAVE THE PENNIES AND GO FOR THE LESS EXPENSIVE OR PAY FOR THE NAME BECAUSE I BUY  A WATCH EVERY 3 OR 4 YEARS,,,, AND SAY, WHAT THE HAY... YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE!!! I NEED YOU READERS... WHAT DO YOU THINK?? ADVICE PLEASE!!!


  1. Yes, I am loving the gold watches. However like you, I never wear gold. In your dilemma I would suggest purchasing the Guess watch so that you could have some funds left over to get an expensive white gold or silver one which will likely get more wear.

  2. You need to show us pictures of both watches so we can compare them. I am a watch slut....I absolutely loooove my watches. From the super expensive to the fun...but it's a big decision...I wanna see pics! :-)

  3. I have to admit, I have been in watch-wearers anonymous for the better part of my life now with no hope of recovery...I'm forever addicted. I feel your pain!! Being male, I tend to shy away from the gaudy "iced out" pieces you see nowadays and go for more eclectic looks. My advice...get them both. You only live once right and variety is the spice of life!