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Friday, August 20, 2010

Me and My ONE Shoulder Dresses!!!

Me in one of my many one shoulder dresses!!!
A very ME dress.. Yellow, BRIGHT and  Flirtatious!
flirty and fun.. loving the kelly green...
A Girls Night Out dress... A Haute Choice
Love this for a play, nice dinner date

I am a one shoulder DRESS  type of girl... I have at least 4 - one shoulder dresses in my closet. For some reason, one shoulder dresses me make feel FUN and FLIRTY... Anytime I have a party or date I look for a one shoulder dress to wear. My mom seems to think that I like them because they show off my many tattoos.. and YES, that may be the case but I also love how they  make feel. I am such a girly, girl so when I can wear a HAUTE ONE SHOULDER DRESS AND A HAUTE PAIR OF SHOES, I FEEL A-MAZING!!! IF, I MUST SAY SO MYSELF!! Now that the summer is coming to a close, I have a couple parties to attend in the next month , so guess what I will be wearing... A ONE SHOULDER DRESS!!



  1. You make it seem as though the one shoulder dress is only good for the summer. Now that I am back to my pre baby size please let me find one in a winter material with some tights and banging boots..I'm hooked!!

  2. @Mimi, You are soooo right!!! A nice wool blend one shoulder dress would be FIRE!!!! ESPECIALLY IN A GREY TWEED, WITH SOME HAUTE BOOTS!!!! GOTTA LOVE IT!!!

  3. There is something to be said about a nekked shoulder. Slightly flirty with promises to come. Gotta say, it looks good on you...keep it up!!