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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finding a Balance!

      Lately, I have been asking myself where does the time go? It seems as though, I never have enough time to fulfill any of my dreams and aspirations. My one major aspiration, was to have a successful mentor program by the time I turned 40. Well, the battle between being a cheerleading coach/mommy for my daughter's school's team and being in charge of a mentor program was a challenge for me. The fact that cheerleading took up most of my time, won out. I had to make the best decision for my daughter and the fact that she needed me, placed a period on anything else! With that being said, it has bothered me that I could not find the balance between the two. I, being the founder of Ebony Pearls had to tell 12 young ladies, that I could no longer have the program because of other obligations. The decision bothered me for awhile but I knew in my heart, I was making the right one. Well lately, my heart has been full. I have had several girls and parents contact me about Ebony Pearls and if we will ever be in existence again. With much hesistance, I say, some day soon.... While watching Joel Osteen, Sunday morning, his sermon was about fulfilling your dreams and to stop putting off what is on your heart for tomorrow and do it TODAY! He also preached about things weighing heavy on your heart and staying there until your commitment has been fulfilled. That to me, spoke volumes, because I have been in a constant battle. On Monday morning, one of my students gave me a typed letter from her dad. My first thought was, oh crap, what now! Relief set in quick! The letter was thanking me for being a wonderful teacher and enriching the life of his daughter. It also went on to say that he has started a non-profit organization to enstill good health, wellness and a better education for minorities and wanted me to be on the board! Immediately, my thought process went directly to my mentor program and asking myself, was this God's way of saying, I GOT YOU! YOU ARE NEEDED! I spoke with a friend and she also said, God has a way of speaking to you, when you least expect it. I took that whisper from God as a sign, that Ebony Pearls Mentor Program is needed and that I am making a difference. So now my goal has begun to find a way at balancing both mommyhood/mentorhood and finding a way at being successful at both!

Suggestions are needed! How have you balanced things in your life?

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