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Thursday, November 4, 2010


      I have a confession... a real confession... I still shop at a Forever 21 and find myself going straight to the Juniors Department when I shop at dept stores. I ask myself quite often, am I too old, to still be shopping in the Juniors Department? At times, I feel awkward, but then I say hell, if I can still wear the clothes then its fine! But then, I think.. Ok chic, you need a reality check, you are knocking on 40's door.. Get with it! Am I delusional, am I still trying to savior my younger years or is it that I refuse to grow up and WEAR"Mommy" clothes if that is the politically correct thing to say.. I don't think I dress like a teeny bopper but I do try and stay on top of the trends.. I love the latest fashions with a little vintage flair thrown in and sometimes feel like if I jump to the other side, I might not be as FLYYY.. I COULD BE WRONG BECAUSE I HAVE YET TO GIVE IT A TRY, so maybe just maybe the next time I go shopping I will put on my big girl panties and give the other side a try.... but until then, in my eyes... I WILL BE FOREVER 21!!!


  1. Absolutely not! I buy all of the trendy pieces from there and spend money on my staples. Haute Mamas shop where they want!

  2. @ Mimi-Thanks for the stamp approval! My sentiments exactly!!! :-)