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Monday, December 27, 2010

Opening My Heart 4 LOVE!

            In 2008, I made the decision to separate from my husband. I knew that in order for me to be HAPPY, HAVE PEACE IN MY LIFE AND LIVE A BETTER ME, I had to separate myself from him. Our divorce became final October of 2009. The feeling was bittersweet. I thought I would jump for joy, run around my house naked, or have a WILD PARTY FOR BEING FREE, but it was not like that at all. The feeling I felt was one of loss, failure and defeat. I never dreamed I would become a statistic. I just knew that I would be married until the end but things did not work out as planned. Somewhere, our lives took two different roads. I went one way and he another. Now, I am at a place in my life that I am looking and opening my heart up for love. I miss the friendship, the pillow talk and just having that special someone to call when your day is good, bad or just plain out FAB!!! As I get used to the dating scene, I know that I am a bit rusty. Dating for me, is not something I enjoy. I hate having to give my time to non-deserving men when I could be at home reading a good book or just spending time with my family. But, I do know that in order to meet that special someone I will have to date a few frogs. So, now like many other single women, I have found myself reading many books to help me with the dating game.  Steve Harvey wrote a sequel to his first book: Straight Talk, No Chaser and I must admit, I read the book in about 2 hours. I really enjoyed it. It shocked me a little because his first book: Think Like a Man, Act Like A Lady, didn't grab me as much as the sequel. The book opened my eyes to many different things and some things I knew but decided to ignore because, HELL, WE ALL THINK AT TIMES THAT WE CAN CHANGE HIM... NOT!!! So, as I travel down this road looking for love, I open my heart and mind to the possibilities... As I stood outside yesterday in the snow, I opened my arms and welcomed whatever was to come. I know one day, I will have my KING, but  until then, I guess I better keep a good tube of lipgloss!


Opening my heart and mind to all the possibilities of LOVE!!!

Not to take a detour too much from my Words of Wisdom Monday, a statement from me to YOU!!!

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  1. I will be honest and say that I've been leery of Steve Harvey. I did read snippets of his first book but I have a hard time taking "advice" from a man who has been married and divorced several times.

    Anyhoo, best wishes to you as your embark on this new journey in your life!

  2. I agree with Laila. Love is so individualized. I think the most important things to remember are compromise while staying true to ones self in the process. You will find love again I am sure. You have an awesome spirit. I predict it won't be long before Mr. Wonderful comes and sweeps you off of your feet!

  3. @Laila and Mimi, I definitely understand and feel you both 100%. I'm definitely not taking his word as the Bible, believe me... He is NOT the example I am looking for. Thank you both for the well wishes on this new journey... I am sure it is going to be a bumpy but fun ride....