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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Because of Blue Ivy....

      When I heard that BEY AND J, named their princess Blue Ivy and saw the Empire State Building lit up with blue lights, what came to mind was my blue nail polish, that I recently purchased, from my favorite corner store: Walgreens (hee-hee). I grabbed my blue polish and immediately gave myself a mani!!!! I must say, I AM DEFINITELY NOT FEELING BLUE.... I LOVE IT!!!

Check out the name of the nail polish... Chelly!!!
Just a little tidbit... Not every Walgreens sells Chelly in their store! (sad face) Atlanta included!


  1. You have your own nail polish!! I love that color too!

  2. Thank you for clearing that up because I stay in Walgreen looking at nail polish and I've never seen Chelly!

  3. Chan, how could I resist nail polish that has my name on it!!
    Mimi, I've requested it at Walgreens near my house, so maybe, just maybe us Atlanta peeps can get lucky!!!