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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Disco Lights..... Giving off a glimmer of hope!!!

       I am really getting into doing these nail polish post, so I am showing off my NYE nail polish of the night! It is called Disco Lights by Milani. When I picked up the bottle, I immediately said "AAAWWHHH"!  DISCO LIGHTS looked like a lot of tiny pink crystals in a bottle! It was a definite MUST HAVE!!!!  Especially since I LOVE THE COLOR PINK!!!

Seeeee..... It's so pretty!!!


  1. I like! I've been hearing alot about this Milani company today, but haven't seen at any of the places I shop. What store(s) do you purchase this brand from?

  2. I love the color! Glitter is my favorite to put on, but it's a pain when I have to take it off. But I'm really loving that color on you, it's very cute!

  3. YUMMommy, Walmart and Walgreens both carry Milani products.
    Bloggingwhilenursing, it took me an hour last night to take off that friggin nail polish! Yes, I love the color, but jeez Louise, it's a pain! Lol! Thank you both loaded for stopping by!!!! Air hugs!

  4. Oh, I need this. You weren't lying