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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Remember the Saying......?

      Remember the saying..."Just wait until you have kids, you will understand exactly what I am talking about"! Whelp, I kind of figured out early, what my mommy was saying but now more than ever her words are ringing true. Being a mom of a 16 year old, hormone raging, sports loving, teenager has been my trial for the last 2 years. And lately, I have been praying to God more than ever, that my family members don't have to bail me out of jail! His mouth, attitude, and know it all self has me kick'n and scream'n!!!!! My baby went from a fun loving, mommy's boy to a pimple faced BRAT!!! I do take SOME responsibility for fawning over him for so long, but what else was I supposed to do? It was just he and I for so long, that I thought I was being the BEST MOM ever, now I have realized maybe I fawned over him just a little too much! Giving him the world, wasn't the best idea, not allowing him to fall because I never wanted him to scrape his knee and maybe NOT sparing the rod, when I should have used it,  has me singing the blues right now. I do realize I am not the first parent to go through this, on the contrary, but I just never thought or dreamed that my baby would grow up to be one of those SNOT NOSED BRATS THAT I DESPISE.... So as I wipe away the tears and get down on my knees to pray, I will continue to ask GOD to help me get through these teenage years without WRAPPING MY PETITE LITTLE FINGERS AROUND HIS NECK!!!!! So PRAY for me readers, I have one more year before he is off to college and then MORE WORRIES WILL BEGIN!!!!

Meet the brat... My baby who I LOVE MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF!


  1. Nah you aren't the first mom to spoil their son and you won't be the's ok. But it isn't too late. In this last year before college you can help him on his road to being the man you'd like him to be. Yeah, he feelin himself cause he's probably bigger and taller than his mommy. Show him what my mom showed me...that it doesn't matter how big and strong I am I have to respect her or she'll take me outta here.

  2. I'll pray! Don't hurt him, he needs to go to college! He's so handsome :)

  3. Lol...see what I mean?

  4. I'll keep praying too!! It does change things and besides, I couldn't wear my red lips, get mani/pedis in jail and Bella needs me!!! Lol!! Thanks you all!! Air hugs!