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Sunday, October 28, 2012

It affects us all, CANCER!

      Four weeks ago, my family buried my great aunt, who was 93 years old. I was sad, but the feeling I got in knowing that she had lived a long, vibrant and energetic life gave me a peace of solace. Friday, I received a call that my aunt's daughter, my cousin passed away from cancer. The last time I saw my cousin was at my aunt's funeral. I knew in my mind, that cancer was winning but never did I feel that seeing her at the funeral would be my last time. When I received the news, sadness struck me like lightening. I'm thinking it is because so many people in my life, close to me has been affected by the disease. Although some family members are currently winning the battle, it scares me to think, when I will receive the next call. I constantly remind myself daily, that life is short! LIVE every moment like it is your last. So with that being said, I have decided to stop putting off what I have dreaded to do, which is to get a mammogram. I am now at that age where I need to have yearly check ups and a part of me is scared. Scared of what may occur or not occur and honestly, facing the reality of the deadly disease. For the most part, I am a positive person, so I know I will be able to handle anything that comes my way and with GOD I know all things are possible!

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Yvonne Peebles (my aunt)
Willie Honeywell (my aunt)
Anjie Soares (my sista/friend)
Paul Bentley (my grandaddy)
Nellie Wimberly (my cousin)
Viola Hicks (my Godmother)

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