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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Steppin' outta the box!

Received a call from my someone special, asking me if I wanted to join him in taking a Chicago style stepping class.At first,  I was a little hesitant because stepping to me, was not really my thing. I love to dance, but stepping??? After much convo with my sista/friends, encouraging me to take him up on his offer, I decided to say, yes! Why not, it is something different, out of the box and not your normal run of the mill date! He was overjoyed and needless to say, has not stop talking about it since I have decided to join him. My first class was supposed to be yesterday but because of a training workshop, I missed it. I did have a chance to attend a stepping set with him last night, however and I must say I enjoyed myself. I actually had a blast!! I am looking forward to next week's class, so I can get my stepping on!! I will definitely keep my readers updated on my progress because although I love to shake my bootie(don't judge me) I hear Chicago style stepping is more than shake that bootie, doo-doo brown! Sorry, I had to get that little tidbit in, I am from Miami... (again don't judge me, lol)!!!
Take a peek at the video to get an idea of what this chica will be doing on her Saturdays!!

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