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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I AM...This is my declaration!

      At times, I have a bad habit of saying what is on my mind, at the very wrong times. I guess you can call it diarreah of the mouth. My mommy says to me all the time,  that I am just like my Grandmommy. When it is on my heart, it is going to come out! Well, yesterday, I think I did it again. Something was bothering me and I let go. In response, it was said to me that I was a quitter. That bothered me because I know for a fact, that I AM NOT A QUITTER.! After speaking with my sista/friends who keep me sane and have no problem telling me the truth, I was told that I have to step back and assess when to say certain things. In other words, put a filter on my mouth. So, although I am not sure where my relationship stands right now from this point forward......

Today, I declare that I will do better at being mindful of my words and when I say them!
I am mindful of what I say and when I say it!

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