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Friday, January 21, 2011

My Weekend Ahead!!!!

      One of my good friends ask me to do something that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DOING.... DECORATING!! I swear in my next life, I will be an interior designer. I have been so looking forward to shopping and decorating her home. We have been planning this day for about a month and I must admit I am a little hyped! I love finding purchases that say WOW! BUT.... WHAT I LOVE MOST OF ALL IS FINDING THAT PURCHASE THAT SAYS: "OK, CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT THIS!" I get such a rush screaming out prices throughout the store... $14.99, $12.99,  OH MY GOSH, ITS ONLY $19.99. I got my outfit ready, my shoe game down and the aspirin for the excitement! Before the SHOPPING JOY BEGINS I MUST BEGIN MY DAY WITH THESE!!!

A shopping day is never complete without having some IHOP PANCAKES WITH WARM SYRUP!

Have a FAB weekend!!!

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