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Thursday, January 27, 2011


      I am proud to announce that my daughter, Bella is a PRINCIPAL SCHOLAR!!! She is only in kindergarten but she is at the top of her class and I am proud!! She loves to read, write and is a little perfectionist! Most of my family and friends say she is my mini-me but I can honestly say, we do have a lot of the same qualities but she is much more focused and determined than I was at her age. Watching Bella walk on stage to get her award brought tears to my eyes.  I smiled from ear to ear and my heart was heavy!! I was so overjoyed with emotion that I couldn't contain myself. Being a single, divorced mother of two,  with lots of things on my plate, I sometimes feel like I am neglecting my babies. This little bit of joy reminded me that I must be doing something right! I THANK GOD everyday for my kids, life and being able to smile in the midst of storms!! I love you, Bella! Keep up the FAB WORK!! THERE IS NOTHING MORE DANGEROUS THAN BEING FEMALE WITH AN EDUCATION!!! The sky is NOT THE LIMIT!!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS LIL MAMA!! Here's to the FULL academic scholarship to HARVARD!!

  2. Congrats to your baby!! And congrats to you for being the wonderful parent who raised her.

  3. New York State of Mom, I ditto all of that!!! Thank you!! Her new nickname is "Med School", lol!!!

    K. Rock, Thanks chica!!! Air hugs and kisses!!!