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Friday, December 23, 2011

What a little POP OF COLOR will do!

      Ever since I saw this picture I have been dreaming of duplicating the same exact look!!! I am truly a sucka for fashion and when I see something I like, I CAN NOT SLEEP until my goal has been met! Case in point, I have been on the hunt for each piece of this outfit!!! While tweeting today, I ran across a vintage website that had the same exact color shoe in the pic, of course I ordered them with an added bonus of the shoes being in my price range. Next up, pant and blouse! So the HUNT IS ON, IN FULL EFFECT....



CurvyGirl with STREETSTYLE!  I positively adore this outfit! Unexpected color combo! No fuss no muss just pure heels.I am an advocate of your bag doing the matchbox thing with your shoes! It’s so on purpose I love it! You can say ” Yeah , I did it and so what?” This is an example how CurvyGirls can rock color! I dare you! Just do it!Try on , try on,  try on because you’ll never know! Fab post! Thx xxPattyOnSite
Now do you see why I am going cray, cray!?!? Source: sofxckinluxe

I will be sure to post when I have the entire outfit wrapped all in one piece in my closet!

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