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Sunday, October 9, 2011

She inspires ME.....

      When Bella decided that she wanted to be a cheerleader, I was a little hesistant. I thought she was too young and not ready for all of the hard work and dedication. The first  2 weeks of practice was heartwrenching! My mind was made up, I was pulling her off the team. She struggled, she cried, I cried(secretly) because I knew it was hard. Not only was it hard for her, it was hard for me. Not only was I her mommy but I am also her coach. I had to realize that I had to take myself out of the equation and give her some time. All of the other coaches had all the faith in her, that I didn't have. Their words: give it time, she is a beginner, she can do it, calm down, but it was hard. Even my mommy, thought Bella wasn't ready. We both discussed pulling her off of the team because, we thought  it was just too hard for her. Well, needless to say, Bella made a liar out of me and her. She has proved us wrong. She is flipping, jumping and tumbling like a PRO( almost, hee-hee). As I watch her with the other cheerleaders, I get a little teary eyed because she has come along way! I am proud to say, she didn't give it up, she was determined and continues to give it her all, even when mommy has nothing left to give. Looking at her, inspires me to continue to work harder than I ever have before to fulfill every dream that I have!


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  1. Aw, go Bella! Such a pretty name.

    BTW, I love little kids and how they know no restraints we could take a lot from them.