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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Til Death Do Us Part: Is that still a REALITY???

      Recently, I have had numerous discussions on marriage and it seems as though, being married past 5 years is just not the reality anymore. As I sit and ponder my own marriage and divorce, I think to myself, did I give it my all, did I fight until all of the fight was gone, did I love until all the love was gone. Proudly, I can honestly say, I did give it my all... I did fight until there was no fight left and I did love until all the love was gone. So, now the question is do I still believe in marriage? Do I believe that marriages can last until death, do us part? Hmmmm, I would love to say, HELL YEAH, MARRIAGES CAN LAST... but I am just not to sure these days. Being a statistic myself and knowing many people who have walked down the same path I have has me SMDH! I'm nervous about not finding my soulmate. I'm nervous that I wil not find someone who will accept all of my faults and accept me for who I am. But what if I do find that special person, it scares to me think that if it doesn't work out again, I will become another divorcee twice and I sure as heck don't want that title again. So, what is a girl to do....??? Well, this I know for sure.. I will not be afraid to open my heart and trust. I will release all fears that I have of marriage and allow myself to LOVE AGAIN!

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  1. Nice to know you still believe and are willing to love again...