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Saturday, October 23, 2010

25 Things That Make Me Happy!

       Everyday I look forward to my daily inspirations from Rev. Run. Every inspiration seems to be just what I need for that day..... Via tweet... Follow me @bellabrowngirl..(selfish plug), Rev. Run tweeted about being HAPPY! After thinking for a minute, I thought to myself what makes me HAPPY... So here is my list of what makes me happy:

25 Things That Make Me Happy!!!

1. my kids( the Prince and Princess)
2. my family
3. my home(especially my bedroom.. particularly, my bed!)
4. Ebony Pearls(My Mentor Program)
5. the color pink and purple
6. my friends
7. reading
8. giving myself and receiving manis and pedis
9. shopping for whatever and whenever
10. eating my favorite sweets.. I HEART BANANA BREAD AND RED VELVET CAKE
11. hot, buttered biscuits
12. giving back to the community
13. rain on a Sunday
14. the call from that someone special
15. sweet kisses from my Princess
16. my Prince's smile
17. writing poetry
18. planning and organizing parties
19. hot, right out the oven chocolate chip cookies
20. reality t.v. (sorry, I can't help it)
21. the pretty turquoise blue box( I heart Tiffany's)
22. white roses
23. fresh, clean sheets

What makes you HAPPY????