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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Hair Journey... Take Two!

      Last year, June 2009, I made the decision to go creamy crack free, for those of you that have no idea what I am talking about it is the decision to go chemical free, NO RELAXERS AT ALL!! For an entire year, I surprised myself by going completely natural.. I really didn't believe I could do it and I did... While on my journey I researched every website I could find and found one that took my interest instantly. I became completely OBSESSED!! The MopTopMaven( became my hair muse. Even though I had a ways to go with my hair looking even anything identical to what her hair looked like, I was inspired...  Until....Summer HIT.... FLORIDA.... THE DREADED HEAT.... DID ME IN... I go home every summer and I was challenged BIG TIME! The humidity KILLED MY HAIR.. My hair texture is.... uuhmm... well, lets just say that my hair is as tight as wool and water is not its BEST FRIEND... I FOUGHT AND THE HAIR FOUGHT BACK.. AND LETS JUST SAY IT WON because I GAVE IN... I succumbed to the creamy crack . I sat in my hairstylist chair for one hour pleading with her to put the creamy crack in, while she pleaded with me NOT TOO!  Needless to say,  I regretted the decision the moment I was dry.. I felt like a failure.. I felt like I had failed all my natural hair sistas of the world. So, here I go again.... The last time I had a relaXer was July and I REFUSE TO PUT ANOTHER ONE IN.. I PLEDGE TO BE CREAMY CRACK FREE!!!! So, I plead again, on bended  knee to all my NATURAL SISTAS TO HELP ME SUCCEED ON THIS JOURNEY ONCE AGAIN! SO HERE I GO AGAIN, HAIR JOURNEY TAKE TWO!!!!



  1. funny post :) good luck on your journey to be creamy crack free

  2. @Lifestyle of the pregnant and fabulous, thanks!!! I am going to need it!! Going natural is a lot of work!!!

  3. I am along the ride with you...I got my blog

    We can motivate eachother!!!! LEGGO, we can do this:)

  4. @Vonnie, Congrats again on the blog! Lets do this, my SOON TO BE AU NATURAL SISTA!!! LOVE YA!!!