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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Take Home Thursday: I'm bringing my favorite GIRLFRIEND HOME!! TRACEE ELLIS ROSS

       Today, I was having a GIRLFRIENDS MOMENT.. All of my GIRLFRIENDS know I absolutely LOVED THE T.V. SERIES: GIRLFRIENDS.. I miss seeing my favorite t.v. series GIRLFRIENDS ON T.V. I loved Girlfriends for the laughs, the friendships but MOST OF ALL THE FASHION! The ONE GIRLFRIEND I LOVED THE MOST WAS JOAN CLAYTON, better known as TRACEE ELLIS ROSS! She rocked and dazzled every stitch of clothing she wore!!! Her style was eclectic, vintage, new and old world AND I LOVED IT ALL! I secretly dream that I could one day have the opportunity to shop her closet. So because I am missing my favorite Girlfriend, I decided to make today her day... I'm taking her home for TAKE HOME THURSDAY!!!

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