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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Take Home Thursday: Yesterday I CRIED!

            Yesterday, I cried. I cried because the very same motto that I preach and try and live by daily I didn't exercise. I allowed a particular person to steal my joy. I cried so much, I cried myself to sleep. The very thought of someone being so negligent with my feelings, crushed me to the core. I sometimes don't think before I speak, I am guilty of that. I sometimes, give my opinion when it is really not needed at that particular time, and again, I am sorry. I am also at times very judgemental, but at the end of the day, I love those closest to me HARD... FAMILY AND FRIENDS ARE MY SOUL... I would do anything in my power to ensure that my family and friendships remain intact. So, the idea that someone could take advantage of me and my feelings rocked me deeply. I asked myself over and over how could one who at one time claimed they loved you, be so careless with their actions. How could they forget that I am also HUMAN... and I HURT. I woke up this morning feeling dejected and really emotionally drained. I woke up with the same baggage I went to bed with. I did my normal routine as I do every morning and as I was putting on my makeup, I looked at a mole on my face and I smiled. I immediately thought of my GRAND MOMMY.. My smile got larger and I could hear her say to me, "baby, you are going to be alright.. the  Prince, will be alright, the Princess will be alright.. your a beautiful young lady, dust yourself off... smile... because this too shall pass. I laughed to myself, because I knew at that very moment,  I WOULD BE... So, Yesterday I CRIED, but today, I am smiling from ear to ear! SO TODAY, I TAKE HOME THE VERY LESSON, I PREACH AND I WILL NEVER, EVER ALLOW SOMEONE TO STEAL MY JOY AGAIN!

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